Podcast Monetization
December 06, 2020
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Podcast Monetization

Register for this Saturday's presentation: https://portlandpod.com/presentation

Read more about earning potential on Patreon: https://blog.patreon.com/figuring-out-how-much-you-might-make-on-patreon

98% of all creators on Patreon make less than minimum wage: https://theoutline.com/post/2571/no-one-makes-a-living-on-patreon

Read more about CPMs for Podcasters: https://www.advertisecast.com/podcast-advertising-rates 

Please not that the CPM rates linked above do not take into account that your CPM will be a portion of the total CPM unless you have a direct relationship with the advertiser.

Learn about ReMaster before next week's discussion with Peter Greco: https://www.remastermedia.com/


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